Cinder & Sage

"The Donna" Purse Pack - Blue/Pink

Pill Box

This sweet little set for your purse / bag was inspired by Donna, the mother of C&S's owner, Lindsay. As long as Lindsay can remember, Donna has always had these 3 items in her purse (and still does!)  - a pill box for Advil, a foldable brush to keep her ends looking fresh, and a lipstick case (complete with mirror inside). These items are so nostalgic to Lindsay and we hope they are for you too!

Each set includes these 4 items:

- A gold colored metal pill box adorned with an embossed label with a cheeky word or saying. Choose your favorite.  Want a customized pill box?  Just pop your custom word(s) in the box above. (NOTE: 6 letters across seems to be the max. We can fit up to 3 lines / 3 words). Want silver or bronze instead in the pill box? Shoot us a DM on Instagram or message us on the website messaging system.

- A light PINK foldable brush/comb

- A BLUE/FLORAL fabric-covered lipstick case. This case snaps closed and has a skinny mirror, perfect for putting your lipstick on the go. These cases are perfect for holding a regular lipstick tube or lip balm. (Max lip tube measurements that will fit: 8cm long and 2.25cm wide).

We will also be popping in one of our popular Josephine Hair Elastics to the pack as well!

Color-wise, we have 2 sets! Check out the other option HERE.