Cinder & Sage

Banana Hair Clips


Well you knew it was coming. A throwback to the 80s and 90s, banana clips are back! Our banana clips have a smooth velvet matte texture and are made of a lightweight plastic. These clip open and shut very easily as well compared to other banana clips you will find. The best thing about banana clips are how comfortable they are. We find them to be more comfortable than any scrunchie or elastic. They are also super easy on your hair since they don’t require any pulling or tightness around the hair.

Choose between black, mocha, grey or mustard!
Measurements: 130mm x 30mn

Forget how to put a banana clip in or have never used one before? We can help you. Check out our Instagram for some tips and tricks.

Basically you will want to open the banana clip and gather your hair. Put the banana clip under the nape of your neck in a V, with the teeth facing your head. Use the clip to kind of comb your hair up and clip shot. You could also put your hair into a ponytail, put the banana clip around it, clip it shut, then simply pull the elastic out.