Jewelry Care

Jewelry Care



Many of our pieces are made of brass, which is a material that when exposed to air, humidity and natural body chemicals, will gradually darken in color. This adds to its character and almost makes the pieces get better over time. Since many of our brass pieces are vintage, they have already gone through this. Some of my pieces are intended to be worn in a brighter gold state, while others look best darker. If you’d like to shine a piece up back to a brighter brass, you can restore it with brass cleaner (such as “Brasso”). Brass and water don’t mix well so be sure to never get your pieces wet. Also, remove earrings before sleeping to preserve their longevity.



Our gold plated pieces are gold plated over brass. This is different than solid gold and over time the fine layer of gold plate may rub off. You can help preserve these pieces by keeping them dry (not showering in them), not sleeping in them and by avoiding spraying them with perfume when you apply it.



Try to avoid getting rings wet, as they are mostly made of brass. If the ring band is turning your finger slightly green (a regular chemical reaction between acids in your skin and certain metals), simply paint clear nail polish on the inside of the band. You may have to do this every few months, as it will eventually wear off.



Our chains and earrings are always lead and nickel-free. Above everything though, we want you to be happy with your Cinder & Sage pieces. If you have any problems with allergies or sensitivity to the materials we use, always get in touch and we will work something out!