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Cinder & Sage Designs was started in the Fall of 2009 by designer and creator, Lindsay Lindsay SaundersSaunders. What started as a hobby to make unique jewelry for herself and her friends, soon developed into a passion and successful business. Her love of everything old and rustic is shown in her vintage and vintage-inspired jewelry. Lindsay brings a creative eye and strong attention to detail which results in unique, timeless, conversation-starting jewelry.

While working towards her International Management degree through the University of Lethbridge, Lindsay spent her summers traveling and working in South East Asia and Europe. She’s found a unique and gorgeous way to combine her two passions of jewelry and travel; all while maintaining her signature vintage look. Her travel inspiration is apparent in many different pieces, from the vintage lockets covered in old maps, to the popular “Travel Junkie” necklace, to the symbolic, and always admired, “Free Bird” necklace.

With each new collection, Cinder & Sage continues to set the trend, all while giving new life to old items, such as buttons, dictionaries, newspapers, lockets and skeleton keys. Reusing these items in unique ways and combining them with new ‘vintage-inspired’ items, is what gives Cinder & Sage its distinctive and truly timeless look.


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