Cinder & Sage

"Seaside" French Hair Pins

Shell & Shape

These hair prongs are perfect for throwing your hair up on the fly. Pop one in a half-up bun, or toss all of your hair up in a messy bun and weave one or 2 of these through.  They are so handy, you'll want one in your car, gym bag, bathroom and purse! 

They are surprisingly easy to put in and hold VERY well! To put them in, twist your hair around into a bun and 'weave' it in and out, making sure to get some of the bun, and some of the hair against your head (pushing it along your scalp). Alternatively, you can gather your hair looser and put it in, and back out the same way it went in. This will give you more of a 'twist' look. You'll become a pro in no time.

Choose between the 2 colors and the 2 shapes!
*Note: the "ripple" shape is the one that has the wavey top. The "crest" shape is the one that has the rounded top.

Measurements: Ripple: 110mm long //  Crest: 104mm long.