Cinder & Sage

“Midnight Lava” Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser Necklace

A black volcanic rock bead is strung on a fine gold plated chain with 2 brass beads on each side. Because lava stones are porous, they absorb oils perfectly. Use this necklace as your own personal mobile oil diffuser! Place 1-2 drops of your favorite therapeutic oils (blends or others) directly onto the lava bead and rub in.

We suggest leaving the necklace on the counter for a couple of hours to allow the stone to absorb the oil. You can also place the drops on your finger and rub it into the stone.  

Because of this stone’s creation in the centre of the earth, volcanic stone is said to help with grounding and calming emotions.

- Length: Short chain (18” long)
- Bead: 10mm