Cinder & Sage

"Giddy Up" Bolo Necklaces


Perfect for the Calgary Stampede, local rodeos, festivals, concerts, or any day of the year!

This style features faux suede cord, a bow-shaped brass concho, a small brass bead half way down the end, and a brass cone tip!

You can slide the Bolo up and down depending where you want it.

Choose your (faux) suede cord color! 

Length : 42" long cord, so the necklace will hang about 20” from the back of your neck. Our regular long necklaces are 34” long (hanging about 17” from the back of your neck), but we find the Bolos are best slightly longer. If you are shorter / bustier / taller, we are happy to change the length for you! Just shoot us an email (