Jess Paper Co

Sticker Book - Daisy

Are you an avid sticker collector in need of a fun and creative way to store your unused stickers? I know, committing where to put a sticker can be hard...

The reusable sticker book features 50 double-sided silicone coated pages, so you can easily stick and re-stick your stickers however you want. It keeps your stickers safe until you have the perfect place in mind to stick them for good. Plus, the gold coil binding means you can flip through your pages easily to see your collection. When you're ready to use your stickers, simply peel them off the silicone pages and stick them wherever you like!

★ Cover is printed on high quality laminated card stock
★ Has 50 double-sided pages (get a total of 100 pages for sticking)
★ Pages are silicone coated release paper
★ Size: 5.5 x 8.25 in.

★ Gold Spiral Binding