Cinder & Sage

"Argyle" Hair Combs (2 sizes)


Inspired by a cozy argyle sweater. Brass diamonds line a sturdy silver hair comb. Choose from the large or small size in gold and now SILVER too!

- Diamonds: 13mm high
- Large Hair Comb: 82mm x 35mm
- Small Hair Comb: 46mm x 35mm
- When the comb is in, only the diamonds will show (82mm x 13mm for the large comb and 46mm x 13mm for the small comb)

How to put in a hair comb:

(See photos!)
The trick to really make a hair comb stay in, is putting it in against the way your hair is going. Pull the section of hair back and hold it with one hand, then push the hair comb forward (so the teeth of the comb are going towards your face). It’ll lock in that way and stay really well. You can also comb you hair back with the comb, then push it forwards (towards your face). When putting one in when your hair is up, the same rule applies - make sure you’re going against the way that the hair is going.
As long as they are in correctly, they will feel super secure and look great all day! Contact us if you are having any problems and we can help you out!