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Custom Map Plane Necklaces

* Please read the FAQ below before ordering! *

Because of their handmade, custom nature, please allow 2-3 weeks for your order to be ready.

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Choose your hometown, favorite place to travel, spot you were married, or a place you've always dreamed on visiting! Pop the city or town that you want to show on the wing into the box! You can choose ANY city or town in the world... if we cannot find it written in text in our atlases, we will reach out to you via email to discuss another location or option.

We use real, original old maps or road maps on each one of our handmade Map Plane necklaces, making each one 100% one-of-a-kind! A bronze airplane pendant is covered by hand with an original map, and will show your chosen city or town on the wing. Depending on the map, we can sometimes also fit some of the province/state/country down the body of the airplane.

- The photos show examples of custom map plane necklaces - this listing is NOT specifically for any of the shown necklaces. Yours will be one of a kind.
- Since all Map Planes are made using original maps, the colors, text, etc will vary.

- Airplane: 38mm x 49mm
- Chain length: 34" long with no clasp – just slip it on over your head!

Feel free to contacts us with any questions about your custom order!


Map Plane FAQ:

What exactly goes into making these custom pieces?
Our custom map planes are tedious to make but always turn out so great! I start with a bronze airplane pendant and hunt for the perfect map to cover it with. Finding the right map takes a lot of the time, as the map needs to show the city/town you requested in the right sized font so it can be placed on the wing. I also try to find maps that show the word of the province/state/country so I can place that down the spine of the plane. This does not always work out but when it does, it’s a bonus. I cover the piece with 4+ coats of hard top sealant, followed by 3 coats of varnish.

Will mine be truly one of a kind?
YES! I use ORIGINAL maps for each one, therefore your map plane will be 100% one of a kind.  For maps, I use old atlases or road maps. Each is super unique and they always turn out great.

Can I choose ANY place?
YES you can choose ANY city or town in the world! The tiny town in Portugal where your Grandma grew up? - No problem! If for some reason we cannot find the town written in text in our atlases, we will reach out to you via email to make another plan.

How much does it cost?
Custom Map Plane Necklaces start at $75. This incudes the one of a kind covered airplane pendant and chain that it hangs on.

How long does it take?
Because of their handmade, custom nature, please allow 2-3 weeks for your order to be ready.  You’ll get an email when it is ready to be picked up or when it has been shipped.

What if I need mine by a certain date / rushed?
Depending on the time of year, I am sometimes able to rush a piece. Please reach out by email to see if it is possible to get it by a certain date.

How do I know what color it will be?
I won’t know what map is the best fit for your piece until I scour my atlases. I try to mostly use neutral atlases but often people do want them colorful. You can select “neutral tones” (which would be beiges, whites, browns, greys, etc), “colorful” (pinks, blues, greens, yellows, etc) or “no preference” and I will do my best. Sometimes the only map that will work will be in a certain color. We will reach out if it is different than your listed preference and see what you’d like to do. Keep in mind the colorful ones will still be a muted color, as I use old atlases. They wont be super vibrant. 

What if I want a certain color?
You can leave a note to let me know if there is a certain color you’d prefer, but due to how tricky it is to find the right map, it is hard to fulfill color requests.

Can I supply you with the map?
It’s not always super helpful for you to supply the map because the font has to be a certain size to fit on the planes, and the paper weight cannot be too thick. If there is a specific, meaningful map you REALLY want used, you can shoot me an email and send me photos or bring it in for me to look at.

Can I have 2 locations showing on the airplane?
This is possible but at this time, we are only accepting orders with one location. It get's tricky to make the airplanes look cohesive when trying to put 2 different cities on one since colors of countries/provinces are always different in atlases. For example, an all yellow plane showing Vancouver doesn't look as cute if it has to have one green wing because the second city you wanted only shows in that color. If you want 2 locations, we suggest ordering a double-sided map locket. 

How long is the chain that it comes on?
Your map plane will come on a 34” long bronze bead chain. If you’d like a different colored chain, please reach out and we can swap it!