Cinder & Sage

Permanent Jewelry Appointment

By popular demand, we are now offering permanent jewelry at The Cinder & Sage Studio!

These bracelets / anklets are welded together around your wrist / ankle so you don't have to mess with a clasp or worry about taking them on and off! You can choose your chain, we will custom-fit it to you, and painlessly weld a jump-ring together, linking the chain. We use fine, comfortable chain - you'll barely be able to feel that it is on! These are intended to be worn for years, but can easily be removed with scissors if you ever need to take it off.

Choose between an assortment of 14K gold-filled or .925 sterling silver chain, both are extremely durable and will not discolor, so you can wear it as you swim, sleep, shower and sweat!  Want solid gold instead? Shoot us an email!

How your appointment will work:
1. Arrive at our new little Cinder & Sage Studio in the heart of Inglewood (Calgary).
2. Be greeted by sweet Frankie May, our shop dog :).
3. Check out the chains, lay them across your wrist to see what you like best and pick your favourite!
4. Get sized.
5. Look away as we 'zap' the jump ring together using our micro welder.
6. Pay your remaining balance (which will be the cost minus this $10 appointment deposit).
7. Admire your new forever bracelet that you never have to worry about taking on and off! 

Appointments require a $10 deposit, which will be applied to the final cost of your bracelet / anklet. Cancellations made +24 hours before the appointment will receive the $10 deposit back via C&S gift card. Cancellations made under 24 hours before the appointment will be subject to forfeiting the $10 deposit. To reschedule your appointment time, please try to do so before the 24 hour window.

We strongly encourage booking an appointment online first, but we also accept walk-in appointments if the welder is in that day. Feel free to give us a call first to check! .

Our appointments slots is for 1 person. Please book additional appointment slots for each additional person. For group appointments of more than 5 people, shoot us an email and we can arrange and make sure we have enough time! 

14k Gold-Filled & Sterling Silver Chain:
Bracelets: $70 - $75
Anklets: $80 - $85
Necklaces can be done upon request and range between $115 - $140

14k Solid Gold: Please contact us.


What exactly does "gold-filled" mean, you ask?
Well, gold filled jewelry is made from mechanically bonding a thick layer of gold with heat and pressure to a base metal. In North America, gold filled jewelry must contain 1/20th gold by weight – approximately 100x the amount of gold in a gold plated making it super durable, long lasting, waterproof and hypoallergenic. 

Cleaning and caring for your gold-filled jewelry:
If you need to clean your gold-filled jewelry, use a mild soap and a soft cloth. Try to avoid chemicals and rinse your jewelry in water if you have been in contact with any.

Cleaning and caring for your sterling silver jewelry:
If you need to clean your sterling silver jewelry, use a mild soap and a soft cloth. Try to avoid chemicals and rinse your jewelry in water if you have been in contact with any.