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Everlast Stacking Rings - 14kt Gold-Filled



Our Everlast Collection is made for every day, all day (& night) wear. Waterproof, durable and pieces you will never want to take off - and you don't have to.

These 14 karat gold-filled stacking rings will keep their lovely gold color even when you swim/shower/work out/sleep with them on. They will not tarnish, they are hypoallergenic and they will not turn your finger any sort of color! Just the best.

These look soooo great as a stack, especially mixed with some of our sterling silver pieces found HERE. You can also pair them with rings you already have, such as your wedding rings. Play around and make your perfect stack!

Choose between the hammered, twist or double arch! 

Need a size you don't see? We are working on bringing in size 5 and 9, but shoot us an email and we can get you what you need!


What exactly does "gold-filled" mean, you ask?
Well, gold filled jewelry is made from mechanically bonding a thick layer of gold with heat and pressure to a base metal. In North America, gold filled jewelry must contain 1/20th gold by weight – approximately 100x the amount of gold in a gold plated making it super durable, long lasting, waterproof and hypoallergenic. 

Cleaning and caring for your gold-filled jewelry:
If you need to clean your gold-filled jewelry, use a mild soap and a soft cloth. Try to avoid chemicals and rinse your jewelry in water if you have been in contact with any.