Cinder & Sage

"Solana" Sunglass Chain / Necklace / Wrap Bracelet (3-in-1!)


The most versatile accessory you'll ever buy!

Our sunglass/glasses chains convert perfectly into a necklace OR wrap bracelet. Switch it up anytime you want by simply removing the rubber sunglass holders. 

SUNGLASS / GLASSES CHAIN: Attach the rubber sunglass holders to the clasps and slide onto sunglass / glasses arms.

NECKLACE: Remove the rubber sunglass holders and simply connect the 2 lobster clasps together

BRACELET: Remove the rubber sunglass holders and wrap the chain around the wrist 3-5 times and connect the 2 lobster clasps together

Choose you chain style! Double-check the number of chain referenced on the photo.

Measurements: Chain is 30" long - we find this to be a good length for sunglasses when hanging on your chest or while wearing them. This is also a nice mid necklace length. Depending on your wrist size, this length works well for wrapping 3-5 times around.

If you'd like a different length, just reach out and we will be happy to make it any length!

Comes nicely packaged on a white C&S card in plastic.