Cinder & Sage

"Layla" Double Ear Cuff


Get the look of 2 more earrings with our Layla ear cuff! The cuff will slide onto your ear at it's skinniest spot (which is usually in the middle of the ear), and can be slid down next to your regular lobe piercing, or up to the top of your cartilage! Wear it anywhere on your ear. 

*When these are properly size, they will stay on very well! Our owner, Lindsay tested one out for weeks and even slept and showered in it by accident since it is so comfortable. It stayed on during the sleep and shower - but we recommend taking it off to do those things, along with working out or at work if you have to wear a face mask or hat.

Since everyone's' ear cartilage is a different thickness, this cuff might need to be custom sized. The metal they are made of is VERY strong, so it cannot be bent by hand. You'll need pliers to make it larger or smaller - but we are very happy to do this for you. If you live in Calgary, please come by for a free sizing.  If you order online and receive it and need it tweaked, you can send it back to us and we will size and ship back free of charge.

Material - gold plated or silver plated over sturdy brass