Cinder & Sage

"Diamond Bead" Bangle Bracelet - Gold


These light-weight wire brass bracelets open up with a simple hook. Different beads are placed on one side of the diamond shape along with a small brass bead.

Choose your colour!

These are one size only but fit any sized wrists. If you have SUPER tiny wrists, please shoot us an email and we can set up a custom listing for a smaller one.

Please note, because of the diamond shape of these, they have to be shipped via Expedited in Canada (they are not skinny enough width-wise to fit as the cheaper regular post mail). So you will notice that it will ONLY let you use the expedited shipping method when you go to check out. To make up for this, we knocked $5 off the price! Keep in mind that each of our shipping options are flat-rate so you can add on as much to the order without the price going up. Please contact us if you have any questions.