Cinder & Sage

Alberta Flood Relief Necklaces


In June 2013, Alberta got hit with the worst floods in our province’s history. Cinder & Sage owner, Lindsay, was evacuated from her home which was in one of the many flood zones. While staying with her parents and seeing the devastation happening to her city, she knew she had to do something. She whipped up 2 “Calgary-inspired” necklaces, casually asked her mom if she liked them, and posted them online, stating she would give 100% of the proceeds to the Alberta Red Cross Alberta Flood Relief. The necklaces were listed for $40, but allowed people to donate whatever they felt right.  Some people generously purchased single necklaces for $100.

The necklaces quickly went viral and over 500 necklaces were sold in a matter of days. Over $21,000 was raised and was then matched by a local car dealership, bringing the donation to over $43,000.

These necklaces mean so much to us. They remind us of the strong community that came together during that time and how resilient Albertans were. We always bring them back around the anniversary of the flood, just in time for the Calgary Stampede as well.