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Travel Laundry Bags


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The first time you travel with this bag, you'll wonder how you ever traveled without it! Keep your clean and dirty underwear separated and organized as you travel with this handy bag!

The bag consists of 2 large pockets, each with their own gold zipper. Simply pack your clean undergarments in the "WEAR ME" side of the bag and as you travel, put your dirty undergarments in the "WASH ME" side. When you get home from your trip, you'll know exactly what is clean and what needs to be thrown in the wash. No more plastic bag for your dirties, or filling a pocket of your suitcase up with dirties.

When packing for your trip, feel free to fill the empty "WASH ME" side with bras or socks to keep everything organized. The bag folds nicely in half to be placed in your suitcase. Some people also choose to use this bag for socks!

While these bags are made out of a high quality fabric, they are not lined or bulky which allows them to not take up any extra space in your suitcase with unnecessary bulk. These bags are machine washable - please wash on cold/delicate and hang to dry.

Choose between 3 colors:
Pink with black and white thin stripes, grey with mint and white polka dots, or black with black and white thick stripes.

Measurements: 52cm x 21cm. Each pocket measures 26cm x 21cm.
Leather Cinder & Sage logo tag & "wash me / wear me" words are embroidered.