Outside The Shape

Shampoo & Conditioner Bar Sets


Solid shampoo and conditioner bars by Outside The Shape help eliminate the waste of plastic bottles, and leave your hair incredibly clean and healthy! Choose between 4 different bars, depending on your hair type:


The Geologist
He’s earthy, grounding and cleansing. Taking us back to the roots of mother nature herself. (Most masculine scent.)
• Scented with cedarwood, frankincense, tea tree & Sweet orange essential oil
• Coloured with Activated Charcoal, Rhassoul clay and Multani Mitti clay
• Detoxifying and cleansing
• Blondes for toning brassy hair
• Oily hair
• Heavy product users (wax, gel, hairsprays)


The Botanist
He’s fresh and awakening, gentle yet stimulating, an invigorating breath of fresh air.
· Scented with Peppermint & Rosemary essential oils
· Coloured with natural French green clay
• Thin hair
• Sensitive scalp or dandruff
• Eczema or psoriasis
• Adding volume
• Supporting hair growth


The Florist
She’s sweet but free spirited, nurturing, & soft, she’s the most hydrating out there.
· Scented with Lavender, Ylang Ylang & Sandalwood essential oils
· Coloured with natural pink pastel clay
• Dry and or brittle hair
• Thick or curly hair
• Over coloured or over processed hair


The Yogi
She is bright and sunny, everyone will love her. Grounding and flexible –
this girl has a zest for life.
· Scented with Grapefruit, bergamot & lemon essential oils
· Coloured with natural carrot powder
• All hair types
• Sensitive to strong scents
• Children


How to use your hair bars -

The shampoo bar is the bigger bar, and the Conditioner is the smaller bar. You can rub both bars directly on your scalp using a downward motion using your hands to comb through all layers of your hair, alternatively you can you lather the bars in your hands and apply from there. Shampoo, rinse, repeat if desired and then condition with the same process.

Remember you need very little to achieve the results you need as these bars have all the wasteful fillers and water taken out. Explore with how much you need depending on the length and thickness of your hair but remember a little goes a long way!

How to care for your hair bars –
Caring for your hair bars is simple. Try and keep them somewhere they can dry between uses and preferably drain any leftover water. This will increase the life span of your hair bars.

When traveling we recommend bringing along the fabric bag so they can stay dry and air out between washes when you are traveling around. Remember because there is no liquid you are free to bring them with you as carry on!

Tips and tricks –
One of our favorite things about these hair bars is you can use the shampoo bar as a full body soap and the conditioner bar as a shave bar! Basically the only two things you will even need in your shower again!

Zero waste facts –
Our hair bars are made locally in Calgary, Canada with natural and organic ingredients. There is no excess packaging throughout the entire process. Completely cutting out the overseas shipping from manufactures and the plastic waste of bottles. We strive to make these products something you can feel good about using, that preform incredibly well, all the while reducing our footprint along the way. Every little bit helps.