Cinder & Sage

Jewelry Travel Pouches - Hand Stamped!


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Tired of your jewelry getting tangled up when you travel with it? These are the perfect solution to keep your Cinder & Sage together and tangle-free while you're on the go!

This series of pouches are hand-stamped in our Calgary studio (The Cinder & Sage Loft)! Both the front and back of the pouches are stamped using a permanent ink. Due to their handmade nature, each pouch is unique. (Yours will resemble these pictured very closely!)

These handmade travel pouches have 4 Velcro pockets inside so everything stays put. We like to put necklaces and earrings in the velcro pouches so they don't tangle together, then everything else, such as hair combs, watches, and bangles, in the main pouch! They are made of durable, thick fabric with a strong gold zipper.

These new and improved pouches now include a black & white polka dot pattern inside, so it is brighter and easier to see inside.

These measure 6" x 4.75". 
Also check out the gold-plated paper airplane zipper-pull in the shop and add it to your order!