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  • Apothecary Matches - BLACK
  • Apothecary Matches - BLACK

Apothecary Matches - BLACK




This combination of charcoal black tipped matches and gold foiled soft-touch label was designed to compliment and align with its surroundings.

Each jar is filled with approximately 62 individual matches and comes with strike paper affixed to the bottom.

To use – simply take cork off, softy shake and remove one match at a time. Strike to light by using the strike paper on the bottom. Once lit – use to light candle, sage, Palo Santo etc and blow out when finished.


Our love note regarding safety – never leave flame unattended. Must be kept away from children at all times. Be sure to extinguish flame before wood has been completely burned. Be safe friends.

Please note – colours of match tips and labels may vary slightly depending on computer screens and lighting. As a natural product there may be variants in each match but is inspected for quality control before shipment.

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