Greta Jane Paper Co

"THE LONE BUTT" Greta Jane Print

Greta Jane Paper Co is another great Calgary company and these prints are sure to make you smile. 

*NOTE: This is for the print only - frame not included.

♡ Size: 8 x 10 (print)

♡ Paper: 100lb premium white felt paper (it's like watercolor paper, it gives the print a distinctly heavy weight tactile feel)

♡ Packaging: Packaged in a cellophane sleeve.

♡ Women. We are all different and we are all beautiful. Large or small, tall or short, big or skinny bodies are beautiful — in all of their perky, lopsided, saggy and perfectly weirdly shaped glory. Put these prints on your wall to remind you that we are all different and equally beautiful. Put them in your bathrooms, line your hallways with them or add them to your gallery wall. These feminist, feminine and body positive prints will be an amazing addition to your home.