Plant Vitamins

Plant Vitamins - BOOST

Sustains and helps develop healthy new leaves and roots! Made with 100% organic hydrolyzed fish (no fishy smell).

Designed to be used in your plants in times of new growth, repotting or when moving plants to a new location.

Dilute 1.5ml to 1 cup of water (or 5ml to every 1L)

Use up to once a month through Spring & Summer when your plants a re producing lots of new growth. **Add the fertilizer mixture at the END of your normal watering**

Safe for all house plant, succulents and cacti. For extremely sensitive plants, you can reduce the dilution.

Shake well before use.

30ml / 1oz - Makes up to 30 liters of fertilizer.

Measured glass dropper
Designed & packaged in Canada.