Cinder & Sage

Key Bangles


This large silicone ring is perfect to pop on your wrist when your hands are full, your out on a walk or if you’re going into multiple doors. It comes with a thick gold ring that allows you to easily pop your key ring on and off when needed. The silicone rings size is also just so handy to easily find your keys in your bag. The matte silicone is easy to wipe down and sanitize.


Choose between the following colors: Black, White, Grey, Mint, Turquoise, Blush Pink, Tan, Hot Pink & Purple.


*NOTE: The colors on your screen could be slightly different from what the true color is We did our best to take photos of the actual tone, but be aware that it could be slightly different than what you see, depending on your screen.


*NOTE: The hot pink and purple are more vibrant colors.


Material: Matte silicone, brass key ring
Measurements: Approx 10cm x 3.5cm